Franzosini since 1845 leader in the sector of warehouses and storage

Warehouse and storage Franzosini: Founded in 1845 Franzosini has been operating as a leader in field in respect to warehouse and storage facilities. Warehouse and storage facilities: For those who need to keep part or all of their belongings in storage, before being able to move or ship goods, Franzosini has the space that is precise for you, small storage units to an entire container. With over 4000 square meters of warehouse between Milan and Rome and more than 200 containers, Franzosini Traslochi offers a controlled and safe storage space where you can store your goods in short, medium or long time transit if necessary until you are ready for delivery. The s storage units allow us to separate your household goods from those of other customers and give you greater security , protecting them from the risk of damage or theft. It is also possible to request insurance coverages during storage, for 360° protection.


The storage service is aimed to embrace all types of necessities; necessarily, not just those who need to move. When you need to add or take goods from your goods in storage at our warehouse, you will also have a specialized warehouse manager at your disposal who will help you in the handling procedures and in the handling of your household goods in the warehouse, at the most convenient prices. In addition, we are also able provide storage in any location being the origin or at destination through the use of one of our qualified agent’s network structure that we are associated with through our moving industry associations, guaranteeing high level quality standard of services everywhere.


For any information regarding removals, transport, services and administration, do not hesitate to contact our offices. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you may need.


Since 1845, Luciano Franzosini Srl has been transporting the goods you care most in Italy and the world, with the care and quality that originate from over a century and a half of certified experience combined with constant attention to technological innovation and above all to fulfil all our customer needs. Thanks to more than 170 years of activity, Luciano Franzosini Srl has accumulated experience and know-how that can be compared equal in the moving industry. The expert training of our staff and the use of “state of the art“ materials and guarantee satisfaction in specific needs of each individual international move.


Request a quote free of charge, it only takes to a few minutes to fill out the form and you will receive your customized quote in a short time. Otherwise, we can be contacted by phone or e-mail according to your preference. Our sales force will be happy to assist you being at your complete disposal.


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