Franzosini since 1845 leader in the shipments sector

Shipments Franzosini – Since 1845 Luciano Franzosini has been a leader in the shipping industry . Franzosini’s mobility services – handle problem free moves to less reachable destinations. Franzosini’s move management expertise organizes the removal of furniture and personal effects with care, operating shipments all over the world by sea, by land and by air. For each type of transport we use the best quality of packaging material and we provide personalised services to secure customer satisfaction.


The shipping methods are as follows, each with its own peculiarity:


Franzosini is equipped with industrial vehicles suitable for any type of move or transport. The loading and unloading of the customer’s goods is the most delicate phase of the removal transport. Our staff with great experience and our unique and resistant packaging materials ensure safe handling of your goods, thus giving you complete satisfaction.


International Shipping to destinations, performed with different size of trucks that make up our companies fleet of vehicles. The goods are loaded and unloaded from our trucks, may also be transported by sea or by air with presentation of proper documentation depending on the destination.


For those who need to ship their private owned vehicle or motorcycle together or not with the used household goods, Franzosini is able to assist you by providing:

  • Documentation assistance: in order to export the vehicles and assist you with the specific rules that vary from country to country. Assistance in identifying the existing regulations for importation of vehicles of the country you intend to ship you vehicle. Franzosini will assist in the documentation necessary to be prepare based on specific rules and regulations of that country, prior to the shipment together with the preparation of the vehicle.
  • Assistance with documentation : once identified if any existing restrictions, Franzosini will indicate the documents and certificates which will be necessary to enable a trouble free shipment.
  • We furnish customized wooden heat treated fumigated Crates depending on the motorcycles, to ensure maximum stability and safety during transport
  • Shipping: once we have received the green light to ship, we will handle loading and bracing your vehicle in the container and by securing and immobilizing it according to international shipping standards.

For those who want to bring their four-legged friend with them Franzosini offers the pet service transportation for your dog or cat.

Air shipment of an animal to another continent is a delicate matter that requires expertise and specialist handling , thus, we are able to offer:

  • Professional advice: for the transportation of animals there are specific rules that vary from country to country. Certain countries only accept specific breeds of dogs and cats. The animals must be prepared following specific prescriptions before they can be shipped, in order to meet certain health conditions in order to be admitted to your country of destination.
  • Document assistance: Once the possible restrictions have been identified, Franzosini will assist you by indicating which documents and certificates you need to procure for the shipment.
  • Shipping: once we have received the green light to ship, ( documentation is all in order at origin and destination confirmed by or destination agent ) we will organize the collection of the animal by specialized personnel, with cages compliant with IATA standards, which will take care of your animal and transport it to the airport, where it will then be boarded on aircraft and assistance importing at destination together with transport to new home.

Franzosini is able to assist both private individuals and companies in the shipment of new goods destined for private individuals anywhere in the world. New furniture and household goods are subject to rules and fees other than everyday used household items. Franzosini follows his customers at all stages of the shipment by providing:

  • Assistance to the office of the manufacturing company for the correct issue of export invoices for VAT recovery
  • Supply of personnel for loading / unloading assistance also on site directly to your warehouse
  • Reinforcement of the shipment with additional protections and shipping by container / sea container / aerial box according to requirements
  • Obtaining specific certificates to certify the origin of goods such as Eur1
  • Organization and management of the shipment from loading to delivery


For any information regarding removals, transport, services and administration, do not hesitate to contact our offices. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you may need.


Since 1845, Luciano Franzosini Srl has been transporting the goods you care most in Italy and the world, with the care and quality that originate from over a century and a half of certified experience combined with constant attention to technological innovation and above all to fulfil all our customer needs. Thanks to more than 170 years of activity, Luciano Franzosini Srl has accumulated experience and know-how that can be compared equal in the moving industry. The expert training of our staff and the use of “state of the art “ materials and guarantee satisfaction in specific needs of each individual international move.


Request a quote free of charge, it only takes to a few minutes to fill out the form and you will receive your customized quote in a short time. Otherwise, we can be contacted by phone or e-mail according to your preference. Our sales force will be happy to assist you being at your complete disposal.


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