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Luciano Franzosini srl is a leader in the removal field since 1845. Performing International moves is our specialty. With over our 170 years of business activity we have contributed to the making of history in international moving industry. Being one of the first Italian companies to interface in the foundation of important international alliances such as FIDI, HARMONY, IAM, LACMA, AITI, FEDEMAC.

Franzosini International movers can handle your move from Italy to any part of the world and from any part of the world back to Italy.


International removals are divided into three types of transport services , each with its own peculiarity:


In the territory within the European community (including Switzerland and Norway) most shipments are performed by truck. Being part of the Harmony association enables us to have a dense network of European partners that have more than 400 vehicles that load and unload dozens of shipments every week in major European locations, as well as being able to reach even the most remote destinations assuring professional assistance through the associated agents.

The close relationships with our European partners allows us to deal with the classic problems of a move in every destination, such as parking permit, or unloading assistance or complicated loads.

Truck services also go beyond the gates of Europe, reaching Russia and Turkey.


For all destinations outside Europe there are two main options , which vary according to the size of the move and the customer’s needs: The first is the option the LCL ( Less than Container Load ), that is the shipment in wooded crates by sea ( lift-vans ). This method is mainly used for small shipments and consists in stowing the goods inside wood heat treated lift-vans which are then consolidated inside a container together with other shipments for the same destination. The LCL solution has the advantage of being a cost effective solution (within certain volume limits) and to ensure double security for your goods. Thus, protected by the container and also from the lift-van.

The second option is FCL (Full Container Load ), i.e. container shipping (20 ‘, 40’, 40’HC and 45 ‘). This method is adopted for large quantities, generally when it is decided to transfer the entire home. This option is also used for the shipment of motorcycles and vehicles that generally accompany the goods of the removals. The advantage of FCL relocation consists in the fact of having a dedicated container, which can be transported to the home both at origin and at destination (access allowing), in order to be able to load and unload goods directly on site, reducing the risks by minimizing the intermediate handling and storage stages.

Thanks to the collaboration with our worldwide agents, selected through association and by consolidated business relationships , we are able to get your household goods to any destination in the 5 continents.

Our qualified agents for the destination (or origin if you are returning to Italy is of primary importance for the excellent success of a move. An extremely sensitive aspect of International shipments by sea is the expertise in assistance for the custom clearance of shipments in the shortest time possible preventing the burden of extra costs due to customs inspections or port stops.


For smaller shipments with contained volume and weight but with urgent arrival needs, the air shipment method is used. This option allows a considerable saving of time compared to the previous methods, allowing the customer to receive his goods within a few days and to be able to resume his everyday life, even if compared to the other methods it may be less cost effective. This method is of particular interest those companies, which often transfer young employees elsewhere in the world where they may have offices in other countries, and also top managers who may be assigned to a new location will send their essentials by air in the meantime waiting for a more substantial move by sea in container to reach them.

In this case the choice of the destination agent is very important in order to successfully satisfy the dynamism and the tight deadlines that are typical of air shipments, and to insure avoiding problems with customs.

The synergy between the various types of shipment modes , which for some destinations may also include transport by rail, allows the flexibility necessary to transport your goods anywhere in the world. International removals also include a series of corollary services that allow you to customize your service request based on your needs:

VIP removals – shipments of new goods – storage


For any information regarding removals, transport, services and administration, do not hesitate to contact our offices. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you may need.


Since 1845, Luciano Franzosini Srl has been transporting the goods you care most in Italy and the world, with the care and quality that originate from over a century and a half of certified experience combined with constant attention to technological innovation and above all to fulfil all our customer needs. Thanks to more than 170 years of activity, Luciano Franzosini Srl has accumulated experience and know-how that can be compared equal in the moving industry. The expert training of our staff and the use of “state of the art “ materials and guarantee satisfaction in specific needs of each individual international move.


Request a quote free of charge, it only takes to a few minutes to fill out the form and you will receive your customized quote in a short time. Otherwise, we can be contacted by phone or e-mail according to your preference. Our sales force will be happy to assist you being at your complete disposal.


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